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When Kitsch Meets Compulsion

 And real “fact checkers” are useless

When the government, establishment power-centers, and other coercive instititions are this enthusiastic about something, an intelligent person is reasonably suspicious. 



 commie famine  in the making.  If there is one thing we should have learned from history, it’s that communist policies (like farm confiscation) always results in mass-starvation.


“Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”…is that really asking for too much?

Wednesday, May 31, 2023


Central Bank Digital Currency

 The convenience  that will enslave humanity.



 drone footage  of an avalanche. 


Robert Kennedy Jr.

Robert Kennedy Jr. is currently running for president of the United States as a Democrat.

He’s widely known as the son of Robert Kennedy and the nephew of President John F. Kennedy.  He’s probably less known for his opposition to the way the Corona virus was dealt with and is particularly concerned about negative side effects from the Corona Virus “vaccine” (so-called) — and the overuse of some vaccines in general. He’s also not a groveling fan of the deep state (like many idiots in public life). 

In many ways, Kennedy is a conventional Democrat — from thirty years ago. He can accurately be called “liberal” and sees a significant role for the government in addressing environmental and social issues. Before anyone thinks him a pseudo-MAGA candidate, they should be aware that he enthusiastically supported both Hillary Clinton and Soviet (Bernie) Sanders.  

This article    offers some reasonable skepticism for anyone who may think that Kennedy is a conservative.

 Though he’s not a conservative,  his views are not completely in line with the neo-Marxist clique that now dominates Democrat politics. He is an individual that one can disagree with yet not be in fear of his gutting the American constitution (as is currently being done by whoever is running the Biden show and the Garland “justice” department). 

Like most Democrats of old, Kennedy doesn’t hate America and doesn’t demand that massive changes occur to “fundamentally transform America” (a concept famously brought to America by Barack Obama). 

The Democrat establishment hates this man.  When he announced his candidacy, they pounced on him immediately, with considerable assistance from the Democrats’ propaganda arms in establishment media.  The leftist coup-brigade actually supports the dusty puppet, Biden, over the thought of letting another populist hold authority over the deep state machine.  Of course, a populist can be on either side of the political spectrum (remember that “Bernie” was cheated from his likily nomination so the deep state could coronate Queen Hillary).

The likes of Wikipedia label Robert Kennedy Jr. a conspiracy theorist because he’s not on board with constitution-trashing globalists and because he’s blunt and honest about the scheming corruptions perpetrated by the Corona con.  (Of course, Wikipedia applies the “conspiracy theorist” lable to anyone right of center on any issue). One should consider that, when a public figure or institution is labled a “conspiracy theorist,” they probably espouse something that’s at least worthy of investigation. While the “climate” issue has been a big deal for Kennedy, he appears to be realizing that  it’s being used  as the Corona scam was used to simply facilitate the globalist mission. (*I should clarify that I believe there was a Corona virus and that it resulted in the deaths of many people but, beyond that, circumstances surrounding it, government responses, and media responses to it simply facillitated a thousand-and-one statist cons). 

Given genuinely free elections, Kennedy would have a chance of becoming the Democrat’s nominee and potentially President-elect in 2024.  Virtually no one (who is sane and objective) wants Biden or his inept side-kick, Kamala Harris.  The deep-statists need a new puppet but Kennedy clearly isn’t the compliant globalist they’re seeking.

We can probably speculate as to what the CIA and associated minions thought of Robert Kennedy’s uncle (and consider as to how much they may have demonstrated their non-approval). 

At this point in America’s history, millions of voters are aware of how corrupted the election process is.  Americans are overwhelmingly in favor of paper ballots, showing an ID, and knowing who the winners are the evening of an election.  Safe, simple, and honest election procedure is not “voter supression” and any procedure that muddles the process should be looked upon with warranted suspicion. Even suggesting that elections be held on a specific day, that people — with appropriate exceptions — vote in person on paper, and show a valid ID, is attacked by the Democrat establishment for reasons that are obvious.

We can be fairly certain that anyone who isn’t on board with Agenda 2030 or the goals of Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, et al. is not going to waltz easily into the Whie House just because a majority of voters or electoral votes want them there.

If one really cares about the U.S., it’s constitution, and a world where freedom can flourish, they’ll support any brand of populism over the uniparty’s continued “slouching toward Bethlehem.” Robert Kennedy Jr. would not be my first choice in the 2024 election but he’s worth considering when one appraises most of the alternatives. 

Tuesday, May 30, 2023


The Parade of

 incompetent radicals.

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